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The Legal Profession – a Primary Cybercrime Target

A UK government survey into Cyber Security Breaches* earlier this year found that the legal profession was in the top five of most vulnerable industries in the UK.

Perhaps this isn’t such a surprising statistic given the amount of financial, sensitive and confidential information that passes through their offices and networks on a daily basis.

What is surprising though, is the manner by which cybercriminals are able to access content.

A recent survey of 200 Law firms by Kynd** demonstrate that 80.5% were using business critical applications with a known vulnerability, while just under a quarter were running software no longer supported by the developer.

Keeping software current is one of the principle pillars of cybersecurity. And a good starting point is the UK government-backed certification, Cyber Essentials. This will help protect any business against 98.5% of all known cyber threats.

Maintaining compliance once certification is achieved is equally important. This can be done with software and services that keep both mobile devices and networks safe.

If you would like further information on cybersecurity and maintaining compliance, please contact us.


* UK Government -The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021

**Kynd – Fraud and cybercrime vulnerabilities in the legal sector

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